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Environmental Assessment and Analysis

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  • Design, analysis and complilation of environmental states and trends report for Haida Gwaii land use plan.

This project was co-managed by Veridian and the BC Ministry for Sustainable Resource Management and the Haida Nation, with the goal of providing an environmental context for land use decisions for Haida Gwaii.

  • Ecological assessment of Glacier/Howser Independent Power Project.

Axor (Montreal) have proposed the installation of an independent power project two hours north of Nelson, on Howser and Glacier Creeks. This ecological impact assessment project was undertaken to provide an overview of potential impacts on old-growth forests in this area.

  • Environmental Risk Assesments for coarse filter biodiversity for a number of land use processes, including North Coast, Central Coast, Haida Gwaii, Sea-to-Sky.

Projects undertaken to support land use decision-making with appropriate environmental information.

Development of a State of the Environment reporting system for the Columbia Basin.

Project undertaken for the Columbia Basin Trust, to develop a framework and indicators for understanding the ecological state of the Basin.

  • Environmental trends analysis relating to the Kootenay Boundary Land Use Plan High Level Plan Order

Project undertaken for the Ministry of Forests, to understand what may be acheived by the KBLUP.

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