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Veridian can provide a variety of services in-house, including science research, technical analysis of data and concepts, literature reviews and technical report writing:

  • Environmental Assessment – at multiple scales – regional to stand level.
  • Conservation Planning – providing direction from local to regional.
  • Participation in multi-party technical and negotiation situations aimed at solving conservation problems.
  • Technical and scientific report writing and presentation for a wide array of audiences.
  • Climate change analysis and interpretation: impacts, adaptation and mitigation options.
  • Forest Management and Oil and Gas development. Understanding the issues and legislative frameworks.
  • Problem- solving for complex problems.
  • Policy and planning review, assessments, critiques.
  • Use of indicators to assess the state of the environment – from regional districts, to the scale of the province. Includes monitoring plans at multiple scales for multiple ecological values.
  • Old growth and endangered forest assessment – field and aerial assessments, planning, management and conservation.

Veridian frequently partners with other resource management professionals to provide strong multi-disciplinary products.

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