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From Science to Management

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  • Member of the Manitoba Regional Working Group – for the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.
  • Ongoing participation to the Rainforest Solutions Project development of a sustainable Ecosystem-Based Management solution for the Great Bear Rainforest.
  • British Columbia wide assessment of conservation threats and opportunities – for Tides Canada Foundation.
  • Co-author of “how much is enough?” a review of the science relating to setting conversation targets (in press).
  • Member of the Coast Information Team that developed a “Management Approach for Ecosystem-Based Management for Coastal BC”.
  • Co-author of a “Science compendium for ecosystem-based management (Coast Information Team).
  • Project leader for an assessment of major “Threats to Biodiversity, and Conservation Gaps” – intended to support the original BC Biodiversity Strategy (MoE).
  • Development of a series of environmental policies for the Ktunaxa First Nation. Relates to forestry, mining, coal-bed methane and hydro developments.
  • Development of a strategic approach to ecosystem-based management: North Coast LRMP (MSRM; MWLAP; MoF).
  • Effectiveness monitoring at stand and landscape levels. An opportunities assessment in relation to results-based management (MOF).
  • Approach for a Conservation strategy for the Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem (MSRM).
  • Discussion of Functional Key and other Special Elements of Biodiversity in BC  (MoE; MoF; MSRM).
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